ITR Meccanica: where ITR components are born

Corporate - 25/05/2021

The Modena based company, ITR Meccanica, is the USCO group's biggest spare parts production centre for earth moving machines.

While undercarriage components are manufactured in South Korea and China (we will talk about these soon), the 100% USCO Spa controlled ITR Meccanica is the production centre for the miscellaneous category, offering one of the most complete ranges of spare parts for earth moving machines on the market.


Founded in Modena in the mid-1960s as a workshop specializing in mechanical processing under the name of GRS S.p.A, the company soon made its way into the spare parts sector for earthmoving machinery by carrying out work on behalf of third parties.

Already famous for the production of pre-chambers, they also manufacture other components such as gears, bushings and pins, and thanks to the investment at the beginning of the 90s in to  special machine tools for the processing of bodies and accessories aimed at the production of pumps, they now specialize in this sector.

In 2003 GRS S.p.A was acquired by the Usco group and subsequently changed its company name to ITR Meccanica.


ITR Meccanica's Modena worksites include an overall floor space of 12,000 square metres, 7,000 of which are under cover, producing over 50,000 items compatible with numerous machine brands including Caterpillar® and Komatsu®.

These include various types of gears (sprockets, hub gears, crowns, etc.), compound pins, bogies, brake calipers, stabilizer bars, worm screws, and components for suspension groups and chain tensioning. However, the flagship line is certainly the gear pumps.


An annual production capacity of 60 thousand pumps 

ITR Meccanica has an annual production capacity of 60 thousand pumps including hydraulic gear pumps for lubrication and Diesel injection in transmission pumps, fuel transfer pumps systems, engine water pumps, and 4 stage pumps, which are among the most difficult to manufacture. 

All the pumps and in particular the hydraulic pumps are subjected to strict testing, conducted applying specially developed technology to ensure specification and performance compliance. 

In addition to pumps, another important product range is loading ramps.


Loading ramps: over 700 items in production 


ITR Meccanica use state-of-art welding systems to manufacture aluminium loading ramps for the transport of mini and midi excavatorsboth wheeled and tracked. There are more than 700 models in production from a minimum capacity of 15 hundred kg up to a maximum of 12 thousand kg, in lengths from 1.5 to 5 metres.
Every ramp is designed in compliance with high safety standards and strict internal quality procedures according to Standard ISO 9001. 


OEM quality and reliability 

Every ITR production site in Italy and abroad applies an internal test procedure for its products. However, the Modena site conducts additional sample testing on components originating from each site in order to ensure the strictest possible quality control, managed by a highly qualified team using the most technologically advanced test equipment. 

The well established quality of its components has resulted in ITR Meccanica becoming partners with numerous OEMs for the supply of original spare parts


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