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ITR Hydraulic Division

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Using modern machine tools and numerical control machines, the ITR Hydraulic Division deals with all phases of the production process and manufacturers hammer components from selected raw materials of Italian origin.

Based in the Basilicata area, this company was established at the beginning of 2015 and operates in collaboration with resources possessing thirty years' experience in the demolition industry.

The current range covers a wide variety of “construction” to “light duty” demolition applications. Available from 60 kg to 2,400 kg, ITR hydraulic hammers are compatible for use with up to 30-ton machines.

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ITR Hydraulic Division

Zona Ind. Loc. Piano Carbone
85010 Banzi (PZ)

Tel +39 0971 947713
Fax +39 0971 947980

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About Us

USCO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines: undercarriage, G.E.T. (wear parts) and repair parts.