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Established at the beginning of 2000, Korea Undercarriage Track (KUT) has been a strategic partner of the ITR manufacturing network since 2005.

In its Jinju facilities, the Korean enterprise designs, engineers and produces chains, shoes and segment assemblies in a comprehensive mix for both AMK and OEM customers.

In 2012, KUT built a new press forging system equipped with 1,600- and 2,500-ton presses and dedicated transfer robots, one of the most important innovations in the industry.

Over the years, KUT has obtained several international quality certifications, including three to ISO/TS16949:2009 standards.

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Korea Undercarriage Track Co., Ltd

1108-4 Bongkok-Ri, Sabong-Myeon 
Jinju, 660882 
Corea del Sud

Tel +82 (0)55/7 58-56 81
Fax +82 (0)55/7 58-56 10 

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About Us

USCO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines: undercarriage, G.E.T. (wear parts) and repair parts.