The ITR GET line is compatible with the wear parts of numerous models from major manufacturers such as Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Volvo® and CNH® and with the articles of many spare parts manufacturers.

All ITR GET products are engineered and designed in the Group's R&D and Engineering departments, where technical know-how combines with extensive practical experience.

Quality controls conducted by ITR personnel at the facilities of certified manufacturers and upon entry to the Group's warehouses guarantee a high quality process and product.

The ITR GET line comprises all those components required for manufacturing, reconditioning and servicing blades for bulldozers, buckets for excavators, skid loaders and loaders.

The extremely varied mix includes blades, end-bits, profiles, armored bars and wear buttons, sidebar protectors for buckets, heel shrouds, lip shrouds, teeth, adapters and all those components required for excavation or leveling, like rippers or blades for graders.

The ITR GET line offers solutions compatible with a wide range of models, types of machines and customized applications.

The complete range of ITR GET can be found online via it's dedicated e-commerce section.